Bellagio Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

Bellagio, which was opened in 1998, is one of the finest hotels in the world and winner of 5 Diamond Award by AAA(American Automobile Association) fourteen (2000 to 2014) times a row. Bellagio Las Vegas is a hotel and casino in the strip which offers a refined European taste. With 3933 guest rooms and additional 928 rooms in the Spa tower this hotel offers a wide range of activities. Bellagio offers a luxurious stay in its lavish rooms coupled with its exotic spa and a casino with rich gambling experience in a classic environment. Other facilities for entertainment include Bellagio Fine Arts Gallery, Fiori Di Como, spectacular choreography of the fountain show, refreshing botanical garden, shopping and the gambling experience at the casino. Make use of the Bellagio hotel coupons and deals in Las Vegas to make your stay more pocket friendly.

Bellagio Promo Codes & Coupons - Accommodation

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Military Offer

Get special rates for military personals at Bellagio. 

*A valid military ID is required

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AAA Member Offer

Book with Bellagio now and receive 10% off of hotel rates. 

Bellagio Promo Codes & Coupons - Dining & Others

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$150 Dining Credit

Get exclusive rates and a dining credit of $150 at Bellagio

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3 for $57

Get 3 Exciting Attractions only for $57 

Attractions include:

  • Roller Coaster At New York-New York
  • Adventuredome At Circus Circus
  • Csi At Mgm Grand
  • Bodies...The Exhibition
  • Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition
  • Shark Reef At Mandalay Bay
  • Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden And Dolphin Habitat At The Mirage

Guide for Availing the Best Bellagio Promo Codes & Coupons

These breathtaking experience at Bellagio comes at a price but there is always a way out. With the wide range of Bellagio promo codes and coupons one can easily experience all the facilities without spending more. There are a lot of deals and coupons like Bellagio buffet coupons, Bellagio hotel coupons etc. available for a budget stay. Coupled with all these, you can get unique tricks and techniques to save money and have a better stay. You can find all the Bellagio promo codes and coupon codes in the coupons section.


1. Planning Your Stay and Budget at Bellagio

1.1 Best Time to Travel to Las Vegas

The best Bellagio hotel deals are offered during weekdays. So, it is advisable to opt for weekdays between Monday to Friday. During weekends, because of the high inflow of tourists to Vegas, the rates are quite and the room tariff rises to 2-3 times than that of the weekdays. This is a reason for the rooms getting filled much faster during the weekdays. So while planning your trip keep it in mind to book the room ahead and early, if you don't want to miss the low prices during weekdays and off season. The best time to travel to Vegas is the hot summers if you plan to stay indoors during the day. Another great time to plan the trip is during November and December during which the prices are quite low. However in December, during Christmas and New Year the hotel prices go up by nearly 3 times. 

1.2 Room Choices at Bellagio

Bellagio has a total of 3,015 rooms and suites in the main tower which has 36 floors. The Spa Tower with 33 floors has 935 rooms. The guests have a wide range of rooms to select from ranging from the fountain view rooms to luxurious suites and villas. The rooms at the higher floors overlooking the strip and fountain view rooms are priced higher than the rest. The single rooms occupy approximately 510 sq. ft. area. Among the suites, the Salone Suite has the smallest area of 853 sq. ft. while the Presidential and Chairman Suite occupy the largest area of approximately 4075 sq. ft.

Bellagio also has an option of Villas for the guests who are accustomed to the finest things in life. The two-bedroom/five-bathroom Villas occupy approximately 6,500 sq. ft. area, while the three-bedroom/seven-bathroom Villas encompass an area of approximately 8,000 sq. ft. The villas are equipped with all luxurious facilities in house such as workout facility, a massage room, a dry sauna, a private hair salon, a private kitchen, a formal dining room, a full bar stocked with guests' favorite beverages, a dual fireplace, and a gorgeous private terrace and garden with a pool and whirlpool.

 1.3 Room Rates at Bellagio

The rates for single room at Bellagio hotel can vary from $100 to around $500, while the rates for suites can go up to more than $1000. The room rates are higher for the fountain view side and for rooms at higher floors overlooking the strip. The rates are less during weekdays and off season as compared to weekends and peak season. In addition to the regular room rates, a daily Resort Fee also add up to the final bill. This fee is collected by the hotel itself at the time of check in to the hotel. The image below is a tentative list of room rates dor the month of November and December. 

 1.4 Booking Your Room at Bellagio

For the American Express Platinum and Centurion cardholders, it will be intelligent to use American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts (FHR) program to book the hotel stay. Booking via FHR also enables you to collect points and elite stay credits. This can be done by asking the hotel authority to add the loyalty program membership number, once the booking has been done. This program offers a host of good deals and steals like-

  • Room upgrade upon arrival depending on availability.
  • Daily continental breakfast for two
  • Food and beverage credit of US $100 to be used during the stay
  • Early check-in, depending on availability
  • Flexibility of 4:00 pm late check-out

There is a great benefit in booking the room directly from the official Bellagio hotel site rather than from the travel sites. Bellagio hotel offers the guests some great deals and upgrades during the hotel stay when they booking directly from the hotel site.

2. Bellagio Loyalty Card

2.1 Free M Life Loyalty Card

The official players’ loyalty card of Bellagio is M Life. You can earn reward points for every dollar you spent on activities like shopping, dining, entertainment, spa, etc. while at Vegas. It is also applicable to some of thepartner destinations outise Las Vegas. There is no joining fee for M Life. You can get M Life membership for free and the spendings you make thereby though your card can earn reward points for you. For each and every activity, whether it is a hotel booking or dining or gambling, link you card to the purchases to get rewards.If you are not yet a member of M Life you can apply for a membership here.

 2.2 Discounts on M Life Card

With M Life card you can get rewards and discounts when you spend on any of the facilities in Vegas like hotel stay, casino slot and table play, dining, entertainment and spa facilities. You can enjoy special access and privileges to when you produce the M Life card for dining, entertainment and other amenities. Kindly note that the discounts can be availed only at M Life partners destinations. The image below is an illustration of the discounted room rates that are less than the regular room rates by almost 20-30% for M Life members.

 2.3 Earning Reward Credits 

You can earn rewards in many forms when you use your M Life membership for the activities and at the casino in Las Vegas. The rewards can be in the form of comps, points or tier multipliers.

Express Comps 

  • You can earn Express Comps by playing slots, video poker, or table games. It is in fact the fastest way to get comp.
  • You can earn Express Comps for table games play based on the average bet and time you play.
  • The Express Comps can be redeemed for hotel accommodations, dining, entertainment, M life Moments and more at any M life destination.


  • You can earn points when you play your favorite slots or video poker machines
  • You can redeem your points for FREEPLAY  (just select POINTPlay from the menu at any slot machine) or  you can also convert them to even more Express Comps (visit the M life desk for converting)

Tier Multipliers – When you keep moving up in the tiers, you shall be able to earn even more points and Express Comps for your play. The tier level bonuses and points are given below.

  • Pearl - 10% bonus on points and Express Comps
  • Gold - 20% bonus on points and Express Comps
  • Platinum - 30% bonus on points and Express Comps
  • NOIR - 40% bonus on points and Express Comps

 2.4 Benefits of M Life Card

Getting extra credit

The engine that drives M Life is the Tier Credits. When you earn a Tier Credit, it takes you closer to the next tier membership. You can earn tier credits through -

  • Slots and Video Poker
  • Table Games
  • Hotel Accommodations, Dining, Entertainment, and Spa

You can get qualified for the tier beginning each October 1 by earning the Tier Credits from October 1 to September 30 for the prior period. You can enjoy the benefits of a higher tier for at least a year if you happen to advance to a higher tier at any point of time. 

The potential of the perks

Sapphire - up to 24,999 Tier Credits

  • Discounts on Rooms, Shows and Participating Retail Shops
  • Presale Tickets to Events, Concerts and Fights
  • Access to Exclusive / Personalized Offers on

Pearl - 25,000 Tier Credits - Enjoy all the perks of Sapphire membership, along with:

  • Tier Multiplier – 10% bonus on Points and Express Comps™
  • 10% Discount at Participating Retail Shops
  • Buffet Line Pass (Las Vegas Resorts)

Gold - 75,000 Tier Credits - Experience everything Pearl Members do, plus:

  • Tier Multiplier - 20% bonus on points and Express Comps™
  • Priority Hotel Check-in Line
  • VIP Line Access to Nightclubs and Pool Day Clubs for You and a Guest

Platinum - 200,000 Tier Credits - All the benefits of Gold membership, enhanced with all this and more:

  • Tier Multiplier - 30% bonus on points and Express Comps™
  • Priority Valet and Taxi Service
  • 15% Discount or more at Participating Retail Shops

NOIR - By invitation only - The ultra- elite, NOIR Members are entitled to the best of everything.

  • Tier Multiplier - 40% bonus on points and Express Comps™
  • Complimentary Limousine Service To / From Airport
  • Guaranteed Room, Show, and Restaurant Reservations

Click here for the comparison of the Tier benefits

3. Tips and Tricks

3.1 Room Upgrade Tricks

The twenty dollar sandwich trick to get a deal at Bellagio: Another way to get a room upgrade is tipping the front desk officer and asking for any available upgrade. Well, this trick often works well as the hospitality industry accepts tip with a positive note. And this trick has worked well in the past where the guest has upgraded Deluxe Fountain View room to a Penthouse by just paying a tip of $20. Click here to view few of the successful application of the $20 trick. Another important thing to keep in mind is to tip the male staff as it is easy to deal and convince the male staff rather than the female staff. Here are some examples of amazing 20 dollar trick availed by guests to get the best deals at Bellagio.

Joining the Bellagio hotel membership club before the stay can be of much benefit. Most of the casino-hotels in Las Vegas offer free joining and gift after registration. So during the hotel stay these loyalty gift points can be redeemed. M Life is a loyalty program in Bellagio which is offered by MGM Resorts International at can be used for all activities inside the partner hotels and resorts. Signing in for M Life and using the card for dining, gambling, playing and all myriad activities entitles to reward points which could be redeemed to have a stay which becomes almost free.

 3.2 Casino Tips

  • The casino gives free comps to the guests. Even if you lose substantial amount in the games, the casino is generous enough to give back a part of it as comp such as free dining, buffet or room upgrade. But the key factor to earn a comp is to get the name registered in the casino’s database.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is to get a players club card for the casino. This card keeps a record of the player throughout the stay time and gives free comps based on the calculation of amount of bets per hand x length of play. In Bellagio the minimum per hand policy is $25, below which no comps are given.
  • You should always focus on playing the game for long because the longer you play; more comps you get. Get some free drinks and snacks to pass the time. And once it’s the meal time, ask the host if you are eligible for a free meal based on your comps. If not, ask for a line pass to skip the buffet or meal line which will save the time you would otherwise spend on the queue.

 3.3 Additional Tips and Tricks

To stay on budget while your stay, check the resort fee and taxes. In Bellagio hotel the resort fee per night is $29.00 with a Tax of 12%. Along with room rates and other expenses the resort fee and tax will be added up to the bill. So it is always better to book a cheap room and upgrade to a better one at the time of arriving at the hotel by tipping the front desk executive. This will cut off unnecessary expenses in the tax at the end while leaving the hotel.

Another precious tip is to ask for a credit exchange to your favorite activity instead of an activity you do not want to participate in. Suppose, if you get a comp of 50 credits in dining and 50 credits in a show. If you don’t want to go to the show, ask the front desk executive to get you dining credit in exchange for the show credits.  

In Vegas many of the buffets, entertainment facilities and hotels are linked. So it is advisable to link all the activities and purchases to the room. This will enable you to collect reward points against the M Life loyalty card which can later on give good deals.

A good deal to save money while in Vegas is to rent a car from the airport for the entire trip and returning it back while leaving. The fuel option should not be taken from the rental company, which helps to save even more money. This will cut the unnecessary expenses of travelling such as cab fare and tips to the drivers. Tourist buses are reasonable but are not cheap and there is an added waiting time for the bus. So renting a hybrid car online from a reputable company is a reasonably good deal in Vegas and can go a long way to save money. Some of the reputed rental companies are Alamo, Dollar, Hertz, National, Avis, Enterprise and Payless.

4. Food and Beverage 

4.1 Bellagio Buffet

If you are searching for good buffet deals in Bellagio, you should keep these things in mind which will help you to save a lot of money. The Bellagio buffet timing is 7 am to 10 pm. So a handy trick to get the most out of it is to include more than 1 meal at a time. This means you can go for lunch and stay till dinner. This will save half of the buffet expenditure as you can have two meals at the price of one.

Mostly Bellagio offers complimentary buffet deals with hotel booking. So while booking and check in ask if any complimentary buffet deal of other food and beverage credit is available.

Another buffet trick which can be applied at Bellagio buffet is to pay less just before the meals changeover. During weekdays there can be substantial money saving by apply this trick. For example you can go for lunch near 4 pm during the changeover time as lunch timing in 11 am to 4 pm. And you can come out after dinner just by sitting around for a little while in the buffet area.

4.2 Budget Food Near Bellagio 

There are plenty of options for a less expensive and good quality meal in and around Bellagio. Starting with a cup of coffee in the morning is not a bad idea. You can hit the Palio, a little gelato/coffee shop at Bellagio where you can buy a mug full of coffee for $7 and get it refilled for free for the rest of your trip. Ballys sidewalk café is also recommended by local experts if you wish to have a budget meal. Right across the street is Paris hotel, where you can enjoy the buffet at a much lesser price than in Bellagio. You can also check into Caesars Palace food court wherein you can find decent and low prices food items at Cheesecake Factory and Bertolini.

 4.3 Drinks

The casino at Bellagio offers drinks for free. So if you intend to drink without much pain in your pocket, then head to the casino where you can have your drinks for free. While drinking at the casino it is not advisable to play risky games. So you can just play a light table game and enjoy your drink. The mini bar in the room is chargeable. You can get you drinks bottle from outside at a much cheaper rate and enjoy it in your room.

The Monte Carlo Brew Pub near to Bellagio offers reasonably price drinks and food items. From Monday to Friday there is happy hour at Monte Carlo Brew Pub from 3 PM to 6 PM. The food and drinks special is priced between $3 to $6. So you can head to the pub to enjoy cheap drinks.

5. Entertainment and Attraction

5.1 Bellagio Shows and Attractions

  • Being in Bellagio is one of the primary attractions in the Vegas Strip. The fountain view rooms are themselves a great deal. By tipping the front desk officer you can easily occupy any of the fountain view rooms and enjoy the spectacular beauty of the fountain show during the night.
  • While in Bellagio you can experience a host of entertainment facilities like spectacular fountain show, botanical garden and fine arts gallery for free.
  • Another attraction in Vegas is the “O”-Cirque Du Soleil show. You can even save money while booking for the show. A tip to get good deals for booking tickets to this show is to join the Cirque Club from the Cirque du Soleil website. Joining is completely free and the site has various offers ranging from 20% to 35% discount on tickets for the members. 

 5.2 Bellagio Hotel Pool

Bellagio is equipped with five outdoor pools, four Jacuzzi and whirlpools. There are two bars at the pool area offering drinks and a café offering lunch items. There is no charge for the chairs and chaises, but the reservation has to be done beforehand. The rafts can be rented for $ 5 an hour and $20 for a day. So it is advisable to rent the raft for a whole day if you plan to spend a long time in the pool area. The cabana and daybed prices are lower in weekdays from Monday to Thursday.