Different Types of GreenWorks Chainsaw

Well, you will need a chainsaw for all sorts of cutting projects round the year and having a suitable chainsaw can turn out to be a great advantage for you. Before you buy yourself a chainsaw, you should know, exactly for what type of work you need the chainsaw and how often you are going to use it. There are various types of chainsaws available in the market and knowing why you need it would help you to make a wiser decision. GreenWorks is a popular brand in North America, dealing in a range of power tools. Though Greenworks manufactures a variety of power tools, but in this article we will solely focus on chainsaws.

Different Types of Chainsaw

Chainsaws can be categorized into three categories mainly- electric, battery powered and gas powered.  But in effect, the first two are more preferred by homeowners as they make less noise and emit less exhaust while the gas powered one is suitable for professional and heavy duty projects. Greenworks Chainsaw 80V and Greenworks Chainsaw 40V are two of the most popular chainsaws from GreenWorks. Apart from these, we will discuss few other chainsaws too.

GreenWorks Chainsaw 80V:  Despite being a battery powered chainsaw, it has all the good qualities of a gas chainsaw. It has a cutting diameter of about 16”, so it can produce excellent results in pruning, limbing, felling trees, woodcutting or any cutting projects around the yard. Moreover, the brushless motor technology enhances the battery life, produces more torque while reducing the level of vibration and noise. Greenworks covers the chainsaw with a four-year warranty, but you get a ten-year warranty on the brushless motor. The length of the bar and chain is 18, ” and it has an automatic chain oiling system. For the safety measures, there is an electronic chain brake system to guard you in times of kickback. The only down point is its weight, as 13.7 lbs weight might turn out to be little heavy for some people. You can use any of the 2 Ah or 4 Ah batteries with it, and both of these batteries don’t take much time to get charged. So if you are looking for a powerful chainsaw which produces a high amount of torque, then just go for it without any doubt!

GreenWorks 40V Chainsaw: GreenWorks 40V chainsaw is an efficient, reliable power tool which can fulfill all your need. So if you are looking for a battery chainsaw which is comfortable to use but not as powerful as 80V one, then this one is perfect for you. These 40V chainsaws are available in a variety of ranges, like 40V 20312 chainsaw and 40V 8 in Cordless PoleSaw. In the below section we have talked about these two products in detail.

GreenWorks 20312 Chainsaw: Greenworks 40V 20312 battery powered chainsaw comes with a lot of features in a small package. The chain and bar length is 16, ” and it weighs about 10.36 lbs and it comes with the tool-less chain tensioner which lets you tighten the chain quickly. The 40V battery is powerful enough to provide enough power to fell a tree, and almost all other work can be done efficiently by it. For best results buy two batteries with it so that you can finish your work without worrying about charging your battery again and again. Like all other GreenWorks chainsaws, the brushless technology gives you an upper hand than most other chainsaws available in the market. The chainsaw has a four years warranty while the brushless motor has a ten years warranty. Also, GMAX 40V lithium ion batteries are compatible with other Greenworks tools too so that you can use them flexibly. Greenworks 40V 20312 chainsaw is ideal for light to medium duty projects, and it’s a value for money product indeed. Apart from the 40V chainsaw, you are getting 16” bar and chain, GMAX 40V 4 Ah Li-ion batteries, charger, carrying bag, manual if you opt for 20312 chainsaw model.

 GreenWorks Pole Chainsaw: Actually, Pole Saws are chainsaws on the end of a pole, primarily used for trimming trees.

GreenWorks 20672 GMAX 40V pole saw has chain tensioning system, and the automatic oiler applies oil to the bar and chain to keep those lubricated. The bar and chain length is 8 in. Which makes it a bit easy for trimming tough to reach branches. There’s an oil tanker level which lets you check how much oil is remaining. Overall, the saw is well balanced and comfortable to handle and inexpensive too! The batteries are likely to work more than one hour which is quite enough to finish your limb cutting tasks. Even if you run out of battery, there’s nothing to worry as these batteries are famous for getting charged quickly

GreenWorks 20302: GreenWorks 20672 is a GMAX 40V 8-inch cordless pole saw, while the 20302 model is the same model. The only difference is you will just get the bare chainsaw if you opt for this model. With 20672 you will be getting a charger and a 2Ah battery, but with 20302 you would just receive the saw without the battery and charger. As this pole saw operates with 40V Li-ion batteries so if you have any other 40V GreenWorks battery, those would go fine with this product.

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