Excalibur Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

Located on the Tropicana – Las Vegas Boulevard intersection on the Las Vegas Strip, Excalibur Las Vegas is named after the mythical sword of King Arthur. The hotel gives a sense of the Arthurian theme in many different ways, one significant way being the design of the hotel in the form of a castle. Excalibur hotel is a property of MGM Resorts International and is well connected to its sister properties like an overhead pedestrian bridges to New York-New York and a free tram connecting to Luxor and Mandalay Bay.

The impeccable interior of the castle gives a true sense of the medieval history and is a perfect place for the people who admire European history. Excalibur is one of the largest hotels in the world with over 4000 rooms and a 100,000 sq. ft. gaming area, giving its guests a plenty of space to enjoy their vacation. You can enjoy the ultimate Vegas experience with your family by using Excalibur promo codes or an Excalibur coupon code for booking the hotel. Excalibur hotel has been recently renovated to give a modern and contemporary look to its medieval themed elements. All the latest Excalibur promo codes and coupons are listed below.

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Excalibur Promo Codes & Coupons - Accommodation

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40% Off Your Stay

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Military Offer

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Excalibur Promo Codes & Coupons - Dining & Other

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Dinner and Show Experiences Dicks Last Resort

Enjoy a dinner & show package starting at $75. Packages include a special three-course meal at Dick's Last Resort and the choice of tickets to The Australian Bee Gees or Thunder From Down Under.

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Dinner and Show Experiences The Steakhouse at Camelot

Enjoy a dinner & show package starting at $97. Packages include a special three-course meal at The Steakhouse at Camelot and the choice of tickets to The Australian Bee Gees or Thunder From Down Under.

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20% off at Dick's Last Resort

20% off at Dick's Last Resort  (excluding alcohol) at Excalibur Hotel-Casino at American Caino Guide 2016 edition

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Guide to Tips for Availing Best Excalibur Promo Codes & Coupons

1. Planning Your Stay and Budget at Excalibur

1.1 Planning to Travel to Las Vegas

Excalibur is undoubtedly a great place for a family vacation in Las Vegas. It is one of the few family oriented hotels in Vegas. But talking about family vacation, the budget comes into picture. For an economical vacation at Excalibur in Vegas proper planning is required regarding the time of travel, budget and expenses etc. Best time to visit Las Vegas and stay at Excalibur is during the non peak season and avoiding public holidays, hot summers, spring breaks and large conventions. Las Vegas can be a lot crowded and expensive during the peak seasons. So staying at Excalibur may not be that cheap. On the other hand Vegas can be truly cheaper and affordable during non peak season. Also because of fewer crowds, you can enjoy your vacation fully without wasting much of time in making unnecessary queues.

So while planning for a trip to Vegas and stay at Excalibur hotel make a list of all the things which you are going to enjoy. Fixing the budget and expenses can be much handy in eliminating unnecessary expenses. Starting from hotel room booking to shows and gambling, all the activities should be planned ahead and reservations should be made much earlier in order to avoid any inconvenience and unnecessary expenses. If you are stations near to Las Vegas and travelling by bus is not an issue, try to opt for the bus. Travelling by bus is much cheaper than flight and there are a number of bus services like Gotobus, Wanderu, Luxbus America, Amlionbus, Megabus, etc. Alternatively, if you are within 10 hours (overnight) drive from Las Vegas, you can even drive to Vegas, which will also help you to visit the nearby places around Vegas.

 1.2 Room Choices at Excalibur

With over 4000 rooms Excalibur offers a wide range of selection to the guests. The rooms at Excalibur are categorized as Contemporary rooms, Tower rooms and Guest suites. The Tower rooms are the entry level room variant and features Tower Queen room, Tower King room, Tower Deluxe room, Tower View room and Tower Superior King room. The Tower Deluxe and Tower View rooms are larger than the other Tower rooms by 25 – 50 sq. ft. The Tower view room on the other hand offers spectacular views overlooking the Las Vegas city. The mid variant of rooms offers Contemporary Tower Queen, Contemporary Tower King, Contemporary Tower Deluxe, Contemporary Tower View and Contemporary Superior King rooms.

Some of the hybrid room variants which are Accessible Americans with Disabilities Act- compliant are Tower Accessible Queen Tower Deluxe Accessible Queen, Contemporary Tower Accessible Queen, Contemporary Accessible King and Contemporary Deluxe Accessible Queen rooms. The guest suites include Contemporary Parlor suite which is much cheaper than most of the suites and rooms in Las Vegas.

 1.3 Room Rates at Excalibur

Excalibur is one of the most affordable hotels in Vegas. The room rates start as low as $29 for a Tower room during non peak time and vary by small amount for the other variants of Tower rooms. The rates for Contemporary room variants are higher than the Tower rooms. The Tower View rooms are priced higher than the other rooms of the same variant because of the spectacular view of the city form the room. The Contemporary Parlor suite is also reasonable priced as compared to most of the other suites in Las Vegas, and starting price can be as low as $100.

The room rates displayed do not include the daily resort fee which is applicable to most of the hotels in Vegas. A daily resort fee of $29.12 is collected by the hotel upon check in. The screenshot below is an indicative price list of the lowest room rates at Excalibur.

1.4 Booking Your Room at Excalibur

For making any reservation, it is always beneficial to book from the official Excalibur site. This will help you to get the best room rate along with exclusive deals and discounts. Most of the deals or coupons which are offered by other travel portals are in association with the hotel. So the same coupons are applicable when the booking is done through the official site, which will enable you to get the best price of the room. In addition to this, if you book by using your M-Life membership card, you may get additional benefits offered to members. The American Express  cardholders can also make reservations using the Amex travel site. There are extra rewards and benefits for the Amex cardholders. To get the best room rate while booking it is advisable to compare other travel portals and book from the official site after spotting the perfect deal or coupons.

Click here to see an example of the benefit of booking the room from the official Excalibur hotel site. The offer is valid when the purchase is made via M Life or official Excalibur site after using the M Life membership ID.

2. Excalibur Loyalty Card

2.1 Free M Life Loyalty Card

Being a property of MGM Resorts International, the casino loyalty card of Excalibur is M Life. M Life offers rewards for every dollar you spend in Vegas. With M Life you can do all the things you love in Vegas and earn reward credits in return. With M Life you can earn rewards and benefits in various forms like Express Comps™, POINTPlay, FREEPLAY and Holiday Gift Shoppe Points. The benefits are discussed in details below. There is no joining fee for M Life. It is completely free and upon advancing to the next tier level, the benefits get doubled. So before booking a room or travelling to Vegas, get the M Life membership card if you don’t hold one. You can apply for M Life by clicking the button below.

2.2 Discounts on M Life Card

You can get plenty of discounts and offers when you book your room at Excalibur resort using M Life membership card. There are discounts for almost all the activities and facilities where you spend in Vegas like playing at the casino, dining, shows and entertainment activities, pool parties and spa. The discounts can be availed only at MGM properties and partners by linking the card to all the activities. The image below is an illustration of the possible discounts to the M Life members during hotel booking.

2.3 Earning Reward Credits

By using the M Life card for all activities and in the casino, you can earn rewards in many forms like comps, points or tier multipliers.

Express Comps™ 

  • Express Comps™ is the fastest way to get comp which can be earned by playing slots, video poker, or table games.
  • The Express Comps™ earned for the table games are based on the average bet and time of the play.
  • The Express Comps™ can be redeemed for hotel accommodations, dining, entertainment, M life Moments and more at any M life destination.


  • While playing your favorite slots or video poker machines you can earn points.
  • The points earned can be redeemed for FREEPLAY  (just select POINTPlay from the menu at any slot machine) or  can be converted to even more Express Comps™ (visit the M life desk for converting)

Tier Multipliers 

Climbing up the tier levels entitles to even more points and Express Comps™ for your play. The tier level bonuses and points are given below.

  • Pearl - 10% bonus on points and Express Comps™
  • Gold - 20% bonus on points and Express Comps™
  • Platinum - 30% bonus on points and Express Comps™
  • NOIR - 40% bonus on points and Express Comps™

Holiday Gift Shoppe Points

Being a member of M Life, you can also earn Holiday Gift Shoppe Points. For every slot points collected you get one gift point, which can be redeemed against electronics, jewelry, and more at MGM’s incredible year-end shopping event.

2.4 Additional Benefits of M Life Card

How to get extra credits

The engine driving M Life is the Tier Credits. Earning Tier Credits takes you closer to the next level. The credits can be earned through -

  • Slots and Video Poker
  • Table Games
  • Hotel Accommodations, Dining, Entertainment, and Spa

You can get qualified for the tier beginning each October 1 by earning the Tier Credits from October 1 to September 30 for the prior period. You can enjoy the benefits of a higher tier for at least a year if you happen to advance to a higher tier at any point of time. 

The potential of the perks

Sapphire - up to 24,999 Tier Credits

  • Discounts on Rooms, Shows and Participating Retail Shops
  • Presale Tickets to Events, Concerts and Fights
  • Access to Exclusive / Personalized Offers on mlife.com

Pearl - 25,000 Tier Credits - Enjoy all the perks of Sapphire membership, along with:

  • Tier Multiplier – 10% bonus on Points and Express Comps™
  • 10% Discount at Participating Retail Shops
  • Buffet Line Pass (Las Vegas Resorts)

Gold - 75,000 Tier Credits - Experience everything Pearl Members do, plus:

  • Tier Multiplier - 20% bonus on points and Express Comps™
  • Priority Hotel Check-in Line
  • VIP Line Access to Nightclubs and Pool Day Clubs for You and a Guest

Platinum - 200,000 Tier Credits - All the benefits of Gold membership, enhanced with all this and more:

  • Tier Multiplier - 30% bonus on points and Express Comps™
  • Priority Valet and Taxi Service
  • 15% Discount or more at Participating Retail Shops

NOIR - By invitation only - The ultra- elite, NOIR Members are entitled to the best of everything.

  • Tier Multiplier - 40% bonus on points and Express Comps™
  • Complimentary Limousine Service To / From Airport
  • Guaranteed Room, Show, and Restaurant Reservations

Click here for the comparison of the Tier benefits.

3. Tips and Tricks

3.1 Room Upgrade Tricks

The easiest way to get a room upgrade at Excalibur is by using the $20 trick. Excalibur hotel, not being too expensive, the 20 dollar tip trick works well. As for Vegas tips can never go wrong. Tips bring rewards in some form or the other. The trick is to tip an amount of $20 or higher to the front desk staff while check in and ask politely for a complimentary upgrade if available. This trick works like magic during weekdays with a smaller tip amount, while during peak season the tip amount needs to be higher due to the high inflow of guests. You can live a king size life at a very low rate.  All you need to do is just by putting the tip amount between your id and credit card and ask if any complimentary upgrade is available. Click here to see some successful application of the 20 dollar trick.

While offering the tip and asking for a complimentary upgrade, tell your floor preference to the concerned person. The tower view rooms at the higher floors offer a spectacular view of the city.

For the members of AAA(American Automobile Association) room upgrade is easier. You need to produce the AAA ID card at the time of check in and ask for a complimentary upgrade. Also a small tip amount would make it much easier.

3.2 Casino Tips

  • While visiting the casino at Excalibur do not forget to use the M Life car, or if you do not have one get one. This will help you to earn comps and extra benefits.
  • The slot machines at the casino are tempting and seem to be good bargain, but in reality slot machines take away your money faster. Guests generally end up paying more at the slot machines. While in the casino it is better to play a table game than a slot machine. Compared to the table games, the odds of winning in a slot game are less. To stay longer in the casino it is safer to go for table games. Click Here for a detailed explanation of the advantages of table games as compares to the slot machines.
  • Playing with smaller bets allows you to be in the game for a longer time. The comps given are based on the average time you spend on the game and the average amount of bet you placed. So longer you play the more comps you get.
  • Setting a limit to the budget each day will help you to save your cash. Set a budget which you can afford to lose or bet for a day and when you lose all of it, stop playing for the day.
  • Make it a point to carry enough cash with you as the ATMs inside the casinos charge more for cash withdrawals.
  • Enjoy the free drinks in the casino. But try not to get too drunk while playing as the odds of losing is more when you get too drunk. When the meal time comes, ask the casino host if you are eligible for a free meal based on the comps.

 3.3 Additional Tips and Tricks

  • Take the overhead pedestrian bridge to New York-New York. Get to Monte Carlo and board the free tram connecting Monte Carlo to City Center and Bellagio where you can enjoy the beautiful fountain show at Bellagio.
  • If you plan to stick to the strip only, you can take a taxi to the hotel from the airport. While travelling in a taxi always ask the driver to avoid the Tunnel road and take the shorter one instead. This will automatically save $5-$10.
  • If you have plans to get out of the strip and visit the nearby places, it is better to rent a car from the airport itself. This will cost you less as you do not have to tip the taxi driver every time and also park the car at one of the casino.
  • For travelling the strip you can use the monorail which is free. Another free and cheap transportation facility is provided by "CAT", a public transportation system, which runs more than 300 buses from 5:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. seven days a week.
  • The public transportation system, known as runs more than 300 buses from 5:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. seven days a week.
  • For some of the exclusive coupons and deals you can buy a coupon book which is easily available. The coupon book contains different types of discounts and coupons which could be used for dining, shows, shopping etc.
  • Always make it a point to ask for complimentary offers and discounts everywhere, be it the hotel or the casino or dining as many discounts are offered only you ask for them.
  • Check for any available Excalibur coupon code or Excalibur promo codes while booking the room to get the best price.

4. Food and Beverage

4.1 Excalibur Buffet

The buffet at Excalibur has been completely renovated with a wide range of mouth watering dishes. Hosting two dining space in an area of 34,940-square-foot, the Excalibur buffet can accommodate about 610 people. The buffet area has been laid with displays and graphical illustrations. Excalibur is a heaven for the sea food lovers during Friday and Saturday. One of the centers of attraction at Excalibur buffet is the dessert station.

The renovated buffet of Excalibur has similar kind of handy kiosks like the Bacchanal buffet. But here, unlike Bacchanal buffet, you can pay for your buffet. If you are thinking of going for the buffet all day long then the Excalibur all day buffet pass is the best pass to go for by which you can came and go all day long. The buffet at Excalibur is quite less expensive and the all day buffet pass is available for just $39.99. Additionally all-you-can-drink beer or house wine comes for extra $10. If you still want to go more economical, then go for the late lunch buffet and stay till the dinner changeover and you can enjoy both lunch and dinner buffet items for much less price.

4.2 Budget Food Near Excalibur

For less expensive and good quality food, Excalibur itself is a good place. The food court inside Excalibur has a number of restaurants for cheap food items. The New York-New York food court also offers a number of options for cheap eats. If you walk towards Hooter's Hotel at Tropicana Avenue for about 100 yards, you can find Coco's Bakery and Restaurant where you can find plenty of options for fresh cooked food. On the other hand, Hussong’s Cantina is a Mexican cantina at Mandalay Bay is a great place at Mandalay Bay to enjoy a budget meal. All the items in the menu are under $20.  The House of Blues is a must try place for lunch which is less expensive and the average price is between $10 to $15.

 4.3 Drinks

The best place inside Excalibur for free drinks is the casino. You can have free drinks at the casino irrespective of playing or not. But while drinking it is not advisable to gamble and bet huge amounts. If you are interested in having drinks inside your room, try to get a few bottle of beer or drinks from a shop nearby and have it inside the room. Ideally the drinks at Excalibur are not very expensive and are quite cheaper than most of the other hotels.

New York-New York, Luxor also offers drinks at a cheaper rate. Red Square Restaurant & Vodka Lounge at Mandalay Bay has Happy Hour from 4 pm to 7 pm and 10 pm till it closes daily. Guests have options of enjoying drinks like complimentary Vodka tasting, domestic beer at $5, wine at $7 and $11 for handcrafted signature cocktails.

5. Entertainment and Attraction

5.1 Shows and Attractions

  • Excalibur is a popular destination for family vacation and is often preferred more than the Circus Circus hotel. Excalibur provides a host of entertainment facilities and shows focused on both parents and children.
  • You do not have to miss the Adventuredome at Circus Circus when you stay at Excalibur. This ultimate family destination can be easily accessed and since Circus Circus is a member hotel of MGM Resorts International, so you can enjoy almost the same privilege as of the Circus Circus guests.
  • The Fun Dungeon at Excalibur is a family oriented carnival and arcade game.
  • If you want to see the Bellagio fountain take the overhead pedestrian bridge to New York New York and the walk to Monte Carlo where you will find the free tram to Bellagio.
  • For those who want a really good dinner experience, can opt for the Tournament of Kings which is one of the favorite dinner show.
  • The Octane Lounge and the Lounge at Excalibur are good and less expensive options for a great nightlife without having to leave your family back. The nightclubs are restricted to 21 years or older persons only.
  • Some of the other popular shows nearby Excalibur are Cirque du Soleil’s Zarkana at Aria and Shark Reef aquarium at Mandalay Bay. You can use the free tram facility to visit Mandalay Bay. The show tickets can be collected at discounted price from Tix4tonight. Tix4Tonite booths which are available at different areas on the strip. A tip to get good deals for booking tickets to this show is to join the Cirque Club from the Cirque du Soleil website.
  • There are many free shows and attraction in the Las Vegas Strip which are enough to keep you occupied. For details regarding the free shows and attractions click here.

5.2 Excalibur Hotel Pool and Spa

Excalibur’s pool area features a 30,000 sq. ft. of deck area and four luxurious pools including an adult pool and 17 cabanas. There is a Drenched restaurant which offers casual pool side dining facility. The pools excluding the adult pool are free for the hotel guests. The adult pool charges $10 from hotel guests on weekdays from Monday to Thursday and $15 on Friday and weekends. For the non hotel guests the adult pool entry charge is $ 20.

The spa at Excalibur is restricted to 18 years or older persons only. The charge for the hotel guests is $10 and $25 for non hotel guests. There are special packages and discounts for spa treatments like mid-week pricing which runs Monday through Thursday, a special 10% discount on any 50 minute or longer spa treatment for military people with a valid military ID and a special 20% discount on any 50 minute or longer spa treatment for locals with a valid Nevada ID.