Harbor Freight Printable Coupons 2017

Be it woodworks or simply some backyard projects, you will need a lot of tools to get the job done. That’s where Harbor Freight comes to your rescue; they have some great tools at low prices which are quite hard to believe. Moreover, they often sell these instruments at discounted prices, and they cover all their tools with the lifetime warranty which is a bonus.So, in this article, we will briefly describe the Harbor Freight Lawn and gardening tools and also about printable coupons and how you can get them.

About Harbor Freight Tools and Parts

Harbor Freight has a vast collection of various types of lawn and gardening tools to help you finish all your projects. These devices can be broadly classified into three categories, hand tools, power tools and manual tools. And these tools can be purchased at discounted rate which are available at Harbor Freight discounts page. Moreover, you can get various collection of tools and gardening equipment at Husqvarna which can be purchased nearly at half price by using Husqvarna coup[on code.

Hand Tools - In the hand tools sections, they have a range of hand tools and hand tool sets.  You can get almost all types of hand tools like sockets, ratchets, wrenches, clamps, pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, levels, flies, saws and what not. Some of their trendy hand tools are 105 PC toolkit with four drawer chest, non-contact infrared thermometer with laser targeting, 4 tier shelf rack and lots more.

Power Tools - Power tools are specially designed for heavy duty projects. Power tools can be divided into three categories- cordless, electric and gas powered. Some of the most popular Harbor Freight tools are a drill press, towable backhoe, saw mill with 301 cc gas engine and cement mixer. Apart from these, some other power tools are cordless drills, meter drills, miter saws, oscillating tools, grinders and buffers, tile saws, reciprocating saws, polishers, circular saws, cut-off saws, demo hammers, mixers, rotary tools, band saws, grinding accessories, joiners, etc.

Manual Tools - Among standard tools, Harbor Freight has tree pruners, bypass pruners, loppers, hedge shears, log splitters, bow rakes, nose shovels, tampers, posthole digging bars, planters, wood splitting wedges, mutts, garden forks, mattock picks, and spades among lots of other products.  These products come in a variety of shapes and sizes that you can choose. With the assortment of all these standard tools, your job is going to become a lot easier.

Different Types of Tools

Tools are supposed to ease your gardening work. Different tools have different jobs, but ultimately all of it has the same goal of saving your time and effort on daily lawn duties. In this section, we will talk about five different lawn and gardening tools- chainsaws, trimmers, blowers, vacuum, and chippers. Most of these tools are available either in electric version or gas powered version. The gas powered versions are more suitable for heavy duty projects while the electronic versions are ideal for light to medium duty projects. Though the corded versions are cheaper than the cordless versions you should choose the one which is suitable for you.

Chainsaw - Electric chainsaws are ideal for jobs like pruning, trimming and felling small trees. The 14 in. Electric chainsaw from Harbor Freight has a powerful 9 amp motor with anti-kick back feature and safety lockout switch. The chain remains lubricated with an automatic oiler. Moreover, it’s lightly weighted so that senior citizens won’t face any problem with it. Now, in the cordless department, 18 inches. ‘poulan Pro’ gas chainsaw is a popular one. The engine is powered by 42cc two cycle engine, and it has automatic oiler and anti-vibration system.

Trimmer - Trimmers are a necessary tool to keep your garden perfectly manicured. If you a serious hardener, then you probably know, well-trimmed hedges can make a huge difference to your overall landscaping. In this section, we will mainly talk about two types of trimmers- electric string trimmers and electric hedge trimmers. Because a lot of gardeners in the US have reported that they feel most comfortable with electric trimmers, plus they are cheaper too.

Harbor Freight’s 13 inches. Electric string trimmer has four cutting head positions which let you trim grass and weeds on the slopes. It has a maximum speed of 7800 rpm, but keeping in mind the safety measures, they have included the flip down edge guard for added safety. Hedge trimmers are ideal for bush and shrub trimming duties. The 22 inches. Electric hedge trimmer has the double sided blade which makes shaping and sculpting easy. You can say it’s quite lightweight too, weighing just about 6 lb and it gives you a maximum speed of 3200 rpm. Overall, it’s quite comfortable to use and safe too.

Blower - When it comes to choosing a blower from Harbor Freight, well, there are lots of options. One of the best options would be to go for 3-in-1 electric blower vacuum mulcher. This leaf blower can be easily converted to space with just a flip of the switch, and the vacuum mode can capture leaves and mulch them later. Furthermore, it doesn’t make much noise and weighs little too. Overall, this is a must buying lawn product which can serve all three purposes in the single equipment.

Another good option would be to go for a 3-speed portable blower. Well, it won’t serve a lot of varied uses, but it’s a versatile product indeed. Why? Because This portable fan has 3-speed settings which can use for drying wet floors, carpets and you can even clear away fumes, dust, and odors. You can adjust the air direction with it so it can be used for any general air circulation need.

Vacuum -Vacuums are ideal for everyday shop cleanup or garage cleanup and you can even use it to clean away back yards. 2-1/2 gal. Wet/dry vacuum/blower is a lightweight portable product which makes it convenient for daily usage. Rather than only blowing away the dust and debris, you can even convert it into a wet vacuum to clean liquid spills. The one we talked about is mostly suitable for everyday use. 5 gal. Wet/dry vacuum/blower is ideal for blowing away even the immovable debris and liquids. You will also get floor nozzles, 3 extension wands, a crevice tool, filter bag and dust bag with it.

Chipper -You can take a chipper shredder to your job site for chipping and shredding branches, twigs and other debris. Let’s take a look at two of the must buy chipper from Harbor Freight. First one is 14 amp. 1-1/2 in. capacity chipper shredder. It has smooth rolling wheels and two sharp blades to get your job done quickly. Keeping in mind the probable scenarios of accidents, they have included an internal safety switch which will break the circuit if needed. With the chipper shredder, you can dispose of the shredded debris or you can use it as free mulch.  Another one is 6.5 HP gas powered chipper shredder. There are four chipping and shredding hammers which convert the twigs and leaves into a mulch in no time. Cutting through larger or tougher branches are pretty easy with its additional features like dual action slicer, expanded hopper size. Furthermore, they have added wheel brakes to improve the overall stability of the equipment.

About Harbor Freight Printable Coupon

Would you like to save some extra money? If you are in then, honestly you are going to love coupons. Well, cards contain a unique code, by using that you can avail extra discounts on your favorite items. Harbor freight has various types of printable as well as digital coupons to redeem.

Undoubtedly, Harbor Freight products are a great addition to your toolbox; In fact, they come with a lifetime warranty.  In this section, we have discussed the major concerns about Harbor Freight printable coupons. If you still face any problem you can always give a call to their customer care number.

Where Can You Get The Printable Coupon?

You can get these coupons online. Most of these coupons are available on the official Harbor Freight website, and also some third party website. You can get also get these coupons from our coupon section. 

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What Offer Can You Get Using the Printable Coupon Online?

With the printable coupons, you can get exciting offers and discounts on some selected products. Most of the coupons are product based which will give you as high as 60% off on some selected products. Some coupons are price based, though very limited in number. Price based card will make you the benefit of the flat discount on total price of some selected products

How to Use the Coupon?

The coupon can be easily redeemed while shopping Harbor Freight items. First, add your preferred items in your shopping cart. Then check your printed coupon, there you will find a series of digit numbers underneath the barcode. On the shopping cart page, you will find a box to enter the coupon code. Enter the first eight digits of the code there and then click ‘apply.' That’s it. Now you are good to save some extra bucks while buying your favorite lawn and gardening tools.