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The desire of anybody is to be fit with a perfect body shape. IdealShape offers a solution for those who are craving to lose weight after so many difficult exercises and slimming treatments. IdealShape is alternative food supplement that is targeted on losing weight. Their products are mostly meal-replacement shakes, bars, and snacks. The compositions include essential vitamins and minerals that add an additional support to reach the target. The important highlight of the product is that they are gluten free and also serve as a perfect diet.


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About IdealShape

How Does IdealShape Products Help Losing Weight?

Leading a healthy life is a wish for everyone. The ways that have been adopted to achieve good health is through diet, proper exercise. IdealShape products are present meal replacement shakes and supplements to meet the body requirements with the perfect amount of calories. Excess weight from the body is naturally lost by cutting down the calories, same time providing a nutritious meal. In general heavyweight body is always a risk, which can lead to problems like diabetes, and other serious complications.  An IdealShape constantly focuses on the weight losing part without causing any serious health risks. 

IdealShape products are considered to contain some hunger suppressing agents (slender) to reduce the hunger and also the craving to eat junk food.

What Are The Popular Products Of IdealShape?

With delicious tastes, IdealShape products come in various forms like, flavoured meal replacements shakes that includes strawberry, vanilla, chocolate. The shakes can be consumed with water or milk, and they are known to kill the hunger for long. They meal replacement shakes contain 50% of recommended minerals, with no additional sugars.

The snack bar from the IdealShape house contains a blend of nuts and dry fruits that will serve as the good low-calorie snack. The bar contains the perfect proportion of protein, minerals, vitamins that are required.  The snack bar is available in Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cinnamon Caramel Crunch, and Double Chocolate flavours. IdealShape products contain whey proteins and fibre and soy protein isolate that curbs the hunger. 

When it comes to the ingredients, a unique thing that appeals most about this supplement is the low sugar level in it. It only has 1 gram of sugar, which is comparatively a lot lesser than many diet products. The two active ingredients; potato extract and inulin, come in handy in suppressing your appetite as other similar meal replacement products and shakes.

IdealShape products are available online at the official store. They also offer online support and solutions to lose weight. You can buy IdealShape products from the official website of IdealShape, as well as Amazon and several other e-commerce sites. 

The best option to buy IdealShape products is from the official website of the company. Every shakes come up with free gifts like free shaker bottle and recipe book. Ideal shakes are occasionally available at the retail stores but the best ideas are to buy them online from their own site to avoid duplicates. The orders can be made for different ideal plans like;

  • 30-Day Supply
  • 60-Day Supply (includes Ideal planeBook)
  • 90-Day Supply (w/eBook)
  • 120-Day Supply (w/eBook)

IdealShapes Coupons


Whether you need to lose weight, improve your shape, or fight your hunger cravings, you can find the right plan and solutions here. IdealShape coupon codes and free e-book can provide additional savings on your services or package.

There are coupons, promo codes, and discounts available for IdealShape products. The coupons are available with the third party coupons seller. The coupon or the promo code needs to b copied and pasted at the coupon box provided at the time of payment. This will fetch you the discount on products. The coupons work on the ideology of saving money while purchasing IdealShape products online. IdealShape products are considered to be moderately expensive and it is best to search for the coupons and the start purchasing the products.

There is also discounts and sale available with the official website of IdealShape. During special seasons like Christmas or New Year, you can get more on IdealShape discount offers on the products. You need to keep track of the discounts and seasons and purchase at the right time with an eligible coupon code to save more money.

IdealShape Products Online

IdealShape products are available at the official store of IdealShape and also at Amazon. There are also several other third party dealers that sell IdealShape products online. The IdealShape products come in a plan for 30, 60, 90 days. You can also choose the plan and buy their products online. The nutritional supplements for desired plan will be promptly delivered to the consumer. 

The IdealShape official page shipping policy:

There are few important terms and conditions regarding the shipping charges. 

  • The shipping charges may be applied depending on the product and location of delivery.
  • The shipping charges are strictly US dollars, and transaction credit card charges may be applied for other foreign currencies.
  • For cancellations of products, the IdealShape will return the cash paid by you, without any deductions.
  • The products are shipped within 48 hrs of order.

IdealShape products at Amazon

IdealShapes products are also available at Amazon. The shipping charges at Amazon start at $6, and may be slightly higher or lower depending on the product. The product is delivered with the standard shipping time of 6-11 days. The products are sold by IdealShape LLC. Amazon also gives special credit offers that are presented during the checkout. You always check for the best offer and utilize the eligible ones.

For example, Amazon gives a 75% statement credit card on purchase with Amazon with Discover credit card within three months o the credit card approval.