Le Rêve Las Vegas

Voted as the best production show in Las Vegas for five times in a row, Le Reve the dream is the most exciting and fascinating show in Las Vegas hosted at Wynn Las Vegas. Le Reve which means The Dream in French is such a hallucinating show from which you won’t want to wake up from. Le Reve discounts and deals are often one of the most searched for offers in Las Vegas. Le Reve means to leave the real world and engage in an unearthly, bizarre and dark world which lies beneath our subconscious mind. The show takes place in a theatre with a sitting capacity of 1,606 people.

Le Reve discount tickets can be used for buying tickets at a cheaper rate. Le Reve discounts and promotional offers are offered by many ticket vendors and Wynn hotel authorities. As for the Le Reve discount tickets, we have made it easier for you to find all the Le Reve discounts & coupons as well as Le Reve promo codes at a single place. In addition to these you can find addition information like tickets pricing, seating arrangement which will help you to book the best seat at the best available rate. You can find all the Le Reve discount codes, coupons and promo offers below in the Le Reve coupon code section above.

Le Reve reviews are positive and is recommended by many Las Vegas travellers. Out of more than 7500 Le Reve reviews by customers, it has earned 4.5 stars out of 5 stars

Le Reve Coupons & Promo Code

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Le Rêve Show Tickets Start from $124

Le Rêve Show Tickets Start from Rs $124

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8% Off on Le Reve Tickets

Get 8% Off on Le Reve Las Vegas tickets

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Save Over $16! Le Reve Limited Time Offer

Save up to $20 at Le Reve by using this offer
Only $130.80 
(Regular Price: $152.60)

Le Reve Las Vegas Special Offers:
Save $20 on Grand View Seating! (November 1- 22 Performances)
Save $15 on Grand View Seating! (August - October Performances)

Le Reve - Limited Time Offer - Save $15 or More!
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Buffet + Ticket

For a limited time only, get dinner plus a ticket to see Le Rêve - The Dream for a special discounted price! This deal includes a show ticket plus dinner at The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas.

As part of this package, you will receive a show ticket, buffet dinner and VIP buffet line pass. The price of the Buffet + Ticket Special includes your show ticket, meal, choice of soft drink or iced tea, and tax. Alcoholic beverages, including champagne on Sundays, must be purchased separately.

STEP 1:Book Le Rêve - The Dream tickets marked with the "Buffet + ticket special" promotion.
STEP 2:After booking this promotion, pick up show ticket and buffet voucher at the Wynn Box Office prior to dining. Buffet voucher is valid for dinner before or after the show.
STEP 3:Have a great time in Vegas!
Reserve online or call:1-866-983-4279

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Dinner + Ticket Special

For a limited time only, get dinner at Allegro plus a ticket to see Le Rêve - The Dream for a special discounted price. 

STEP 1:  Book Le Rêve - The Dream tickets marked with the "Dinner + ticket special" promotion.

STEP 2:  After booking this promotion, guests must go to the box office in order to get an OFFICIAL voucher for Allegro before heading to the designated dinner seating time noted on your confirmation email. Dining reservation is only valid for day of show booked; cannot be redeemed on another date.

There are also specific Le Reve discount tickets and Le Reve promo codes for the locals of Nevada which are also listed above. These discounts and offers can be availed by any person holding a local Nevada ID. If you are a tourist visiting Las Vegas, you can avail these local offers only through a person who is a resident of Nevada.  

Le Reve Timings

Le Reve show hours are fixed and performed in the evening time from Friday through Tuesday. The performances of Le Reve are displayed at 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm respectively during these days. There is no show on Wednesday and Thursday. The Le Reve show timings are perfectly fixed so that you are neither too late for dinner nor too early for attending other nightclubs and parties.

Le Reve Tickets

Le Reve is an elite show with tickets starting at $105 and above plus taxes. The higher ticket price for this show is not enough to hold you back from enjoying this spectacular show. However you can use the Le Reve discounts tickets and Le Reve coupon codes which are listed above to get a good deal while booking Le Reve show tickets. While booking any Le Reve ticket do not forget to check the seating arrangements as the tickets are priced accordingly. Click the button below to book and get your Le Reve tickets.

Le Reve Seating Arrangement

Le Reve seating arrangement is in a circular form around the aqua stage where the live show and action is performed. The seating arrangement at Le Reve is divided into five parts –

  • Poolside seating is the closest to the live show and you feel being a part of the show and action. The tickets for Poolside seating start at $105 plus tax.
  • Golden Circle seating is next to Poolside seating arrangement is the best place to see the show and enjoy the experience of the dream show. Tickets for Golden Circle seating start at $155 plus tax.
  • Grandview seating is the third seating arrangement from the aqua stage and gives an overall panoramic view of the show and the theatre. The ticket price for Grandview seating starts at $140 plus tax.
  • Dream seating is a part of the outermost seating arrangement which has luxury seating facility and has the views from above and below the water. The ticket price for Dream seating starts at $165 plus tax.
  • Indulgence seating is the remaining part of the outermost seating arrangement which has all the facilities as of Dream seating plus snacks of Champagne, chocolate truffles and much more. Indulgence seating ticket price is $205 plus tax per person.

It is obvious that Indulgence seating arrangement is the most expensive in Le Reve, and if you are obsessed in seating at the outermost seating arrangement, book a ticket when there is a discount or special promo code. Otherwise the best place to enjoy the show at a cheaper rate is the Golden Circle seating arrangement.