Purple brand started by two brothers and engineers Tony Pearce and Terry Pearce. The thought of changing the world had come up in their mind and have done. The perfect combination of their experience and thought in creativity, designing, manufacturing made this popular brand Purple. By 1993, they started manufacturing better cushioning for the wheelchair. With the time passed they get over 30 patents on cushioning. In 2013, they combine all their knowledge and experience by converting cushioning in world's best mattress. The brand Purple serves their  ...More
The story of US-Mattress was begun in 2001 with 4 employees only. This is a brand who serves mattresses, furniture, and bedding products of many exclusive brands. Their first store was opened in Plymouth, MI in 2003. In 2005, they increased their employees up to 20. US-Mattress second store was opened in commerce, MI in 2008 and number of employees has been also increased up to 40 employees. The partnership was done with MHS in 2009.  The number of employees has been increased up to 75 in 2010. They have launched their first website in 2011 i.e. Part  ...More
Nectar got its birth when the schemes of Debenhams, Sainsbury's, Barclaycard and BP merged to form a single scheme. Thus, Nectar became the biggest loyalty card scheme ever in Britain. These cards will be accepted at several stores and which upon using; the customers will get reward points. These points can be exchangeable for various goods from groceries to flight tickets. It made the life as easy as you can just show up your offer code in the mobile app and get discounts at your favorite stores and online sites. Nectar was later launched in Italy in  ...More
This Mattress Firm is a set out to be an exclusive kind of mattress retailer. More than 3500 companies are operated by the Mattress Firm across 49 states. The company was founded in 1986; Mattress Firm is the leading specialty in bedding retailers. The company focused on serving best shopping experience with an enormous variety of selection, quality and brand name. The company leads in their sales over $3.5 Billion in 2015 and $ 3.8 Billion in 2016. The brand has exceptional and premium love and footprints in the heart of people across the United States.  ...More
Amerisleep is a proud mattress manufacturing company based in the United States. It was founded in 2007 and produces technologically advanced American made, memory foam mattresses that provide a refreshing and eco-friendly sleep and keeps moisture at bay.  Amerisleep has been one of the fastest growing online mattress companies. Its main focus has always been to create progressive and eco-friendly sleep solutions. The company is popular among people across the world because of their product quality and finishing. Amerisleep products can be purchased  ...More
Denver is a company that takes pride in the elimination of middlemen. Orders for their products are places on their website and the shipments are directly sent from the factory to the consumers. This translates to their prices being much cheaper than its peers. Denver is part of the furniture row of companies and was born out of the water boom in the 1980s when it began to produce water beds. It began producing innerspring mattresses only around the early 1990s. Since then, it has expanded into one of the largest privately held mattress companies in the U  ...More
Sleep on Latex was initially founded in 2013 and it has since then grown to be one of the largest retailers of latex mattress products in the United States. They have a partnership with a Sri Lankan factory where gold standard Latex foam (which is pure green natural latex foam), is used to offer the best product and at the best available prices. Sleep on Latex is continually creating and building their mark in the industry as they are still relatively new in the market but within a small period of time, they have achieved a number of their goals which has  ...More
Brooklyn Bedding holds up its claim of being a company committed to making better bedding with complete transparency, affordable pricing, and top-class customer service. Hence, they bring to you #BestSleepEver. It started with mattresses that were made with excess material that the founders had from the buying and selling of mattresses with minor defects. One of the founders wasn’t too thrilled about the idea of selling mattresses online because he believed nobody would want to buy mattresses they haven’t tried which  ...More
The name “Cariloha” is a combination of two words 'Caribbean' and 'Aloha'. Truly 'Cariloha' is a brand where the beach-lifestyle of Caribbean gets mixed up with the spirit of Aloha to bring forth outstanding bamboo-made luxury products. In 2007 the brand was first established, at that time the products were limited to watches, purses, and sunglasses only.  In the following year, they started an innovative line of products made from the viscose of bamboos, which was a great success instantly. The first independent C  ...More
Zinus began its journey in 1979 and is based in South Korea. It started off as an outdoor product company that mainly focused on the comfort-oriented, tents and more. But later in 2003 it had shifted its focus to indoor products. The major priority of the company has always been the comfort of its customers in every category they serve. Zinus has been the first company to distribute compressed and rolled mattresses in the market with the idea of delivering the gift of a good night’s sleep. Zinus offers a large variety of well designed products for c  ...More