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Monoprice is well-known in the electronics gadget market. Whether you are looking for a perfect headset, earbuds, speakers, cables or maybe even a guitar; Monoprice is your ultimate solution for all your tech needs. Monoprice is an American online retailer, based in California that sells generic branded consumer electronics. It was founded in 2002; initially, it was known for its cheap HDMI cables.  Then they expanded their product base to a variety of products like headphones, Bluetooth speakers and various types of cables, camera & computer accessories, home theater, musical instruments and a lot more. Now they offer over 6,500 high-quality, affordable electronics and accessories to professionals and consumers worldwide. Monoprice reaches many people at a time for their attractive coupons discount and promo codes on their products.

There are special Monoprice promo codes which offer upto 80% discounts on Monoprice products during sale season like Black Friday. Monoprice coupons and deals are readily available at many online and offline stores. You can avail Monoprice discount products when you buy from popular stores like Amazon, Walmart, Newegg etc. We have listed all the latest and updated Monoprice promo codes and discount offers at the Monoprice coupons section below.

Monoprice Coupons and Discounts 2017

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10% Off on Monoprice Products

10% Off on Monoprice Products

Monoprice Products


Monoprice has a wide variety of headphones, Bluetooth speakers, ear buds. The speakers can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can connect these speakers easily with your phone and can even make calls. The best thing is you can get such great speakers (both in design and sound) in less than $35.

Let’s check out some of the portable Bluetooth speakers.

  • Portable Bluetooth 360° Speakers
  • Bluetooth Party Speaker
  • Bluetooth Portable Speaker

There are some premium on-ear Monoprice headphones too, offering the best quality sound and best durability. These are lightweight so you can use these on a full day of work, long flights, or extended gaming session, you'll experience less fatigue wearing these awesome sounding headphones.

If you are looking for some superior audio reproduction from your computer and audiophile headphones use the Desktop Headphone Amplifier from Monoprice. You can get this Amplifier with the best quality and discounted rate at online stores.


Monoprice has a large collection of various types of cables; choose the perfect one for you according to your needs. Apart from their world-renowned HDMI cables, some of the other types of cables are,

  • Video Cables- VGA/ SVGA                             
  • Audio Cables- Digital Coaxial Audio
  • CISCO serial cables
  • Ethernet cables
  • Fiber Optic Cables
  • HDMI cables
  • USB cables
  • CCTV Siamese Cables
  • Apple Cables

Ultra Slim Active High-Speed HDMI cable

The Monoprice Ultra Slim Active High-Speed HDMI® Cable series is designed especially for the thinnest TVs in mind. The small form factor connector heads fit perfectly in tight spaces, while the ultra-thin 36AWG cable is more flexible and easier to the route. It creates smooth signal transmissions to support 4K, 3D, and other bandwidth intensive features.

Monoprice 3D Printer

If want to take your ideas and designs from paper or CAD file to the next level, the Monoprice Maker Select 3D Printer is the perfect starter solution for your needs! The Maker Select 3D Printer is very easy to assemble. Moreover, its price is lower than most other DIY kits, making it a top choice among the 3D printer buyers.

Tablet and Computer Accessories

Monoprice offers some cool graphic tablets which are not only suitable for artists but can be used as a replacement of mouse too as it has a pen, which in turn reduces the chance of repetitive strain injuries. The entry level graphic tablets are good for kids to showcase their creativity too.

If you want a more high-performance orientated graphic tablet, then go for Professional USB Graphic Tablet. It supports both 32 bit and 64 bit systems and can be operated with both windows and Mac systems, includes a pen too which can serve as a mouse as well as the pen too.

From Gaming Consoles, Play station, Desktop monitors, adapters, memory card readers, USB converters to digital cameras, webcams, even bags, and cases are also available on the Monoprice website. The customer can have these products on sale and discount.

Benefits of Monoprice Discount Offers & Promo Codes

Coupon is the best way to save money on shopping. Get some exciting Monoprice discounts coupons code on your favorite Monoprice products when you shop from the official Monoprice Website. The official site does not always give out the best offers, but there are some exclusive Monoprice promo code offers which are not available elsewhere. So make it a point to check the official Monoprice store once before buying any product. Check out some of the pros below.    Go to Monoprice

Get up to 40% off on some selected products like LED lights, outdoor/indoor speakers, headphones, LED/LCD monitors, USB cables etc. in order to avail the offer you need to use the valid coupons code. “One Day. One Deal” is the part of Monoprice website where you get a selected product at the incredibly low price every day. Lifetime warranty on the cables and one year warranty is available on all other products.

Apart from the official site, the most trusted source for searching Monoprice coupons or other Monoprice discount offers is Amazon. Monoprice Amazon page is loaded with procts and deals which are second to none. However you can also check other popular stores like Tiger Direct, Newegg, Walmart etc. for a range of exciting Monoprice coupon offers and Monoprice promo code sales. During festive occasion and shopping festivals, Monoprice sale is a common phenomena. Almost all the Monoprice products are offered much lower than the actual price during the Monoprice sale season. 

Monoprice Products Online

Monoprice’s electronic gadgets and accessories are also available on other online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay etc where the customer can get the products on sale and special deals.Check out the exciting deals on various sites below.


Amazon is the most globally trusted online shopping portal. You can have up to 40% discount on all Monoprice products at Amazon. This site provides 24*7 customer supports to assist you if you face any problem and free shipping at your doorstep. Easy return and exchange policy are available at Amazon, you will just need to start a return request on the website in case you want to return the product within specified time return. Go to Amazon


eBay has a huge collection of Monoprice products where the customer can purchase them with attractive offers and coupons code. eBay provides free shipping at your address within 10 days. Replacement and refund are covered through eBay guarantee. You can return the product within 30 days of purchase. Go to eBay

Monoprice Shipping Policy

Standard shipping charges are applied when you purchase any Monoprice product from the official website. Shipping cost is determined by the weight of the package and also the location of where your package is being shipped to. You can choose any of the 4 shipping methods according to your urgency. Monoprice ships to the following international locations currently:

United Kingdom, Australia, Bermuda, Brazil, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Philippines, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Monoprice Return and Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return the product within 30 days of the delivery date for a replacement or refund.  The process is pretty simple too. Go to “My Account” (the account you created while purchasing at the Monoprice website) and request a refund/replacement. Then just follow the instructions on the site. After successful return request they would get in touch with you, normally it takes 2-3 days to inspect and process the request.

Monoprice Review

Whichever gadgets or electronics equipment you are looking for, you can get it all in a satgle online site- Monoprice. Their inexpensive yet huge product base is one of the greatest plus points of this brand. Not only this, the 3D printer from Monoprice created quite a buzz in the electronics market with its phenomenal performance at such a cheap price.    

Final take: Go for Monoprice if you are looking to get some cool gadgets without spending a lot of bucks!