Sky Combat Ace Las Vegas

Las Vegas has tons of activities to keep you engaged and keep up your thrill and enthusiasm. Sky Combat Ace is one such adventure activity. It was founded by Richard, who had been a fighter pilot himself in the Us Air Force. Sky Combat Ace is an adventure attraction which offers a unique aviation experience with full new level of adrenaline. Sky Combat Ace at Las Vegas does not simply offer you a joy ride on a plane, but instead you actually take part in a real life fighter jet controlling your own flight and squeezing the trigger to kill.

SCA offers personal fighter pilot experience for each level. You can get the real feeling of pulling up 8Gs inside the cockpit of an Extra 330LC aircraft. It makes a huge rush of adrenaline through your body when you take the controls yourself and handle aerobatic maneuvers apart from flying the plane over Las Vegas. SCA has always given top priority to safety. The founder being a fighter pilot himself never undermines the safety measures. The professional pilots at SCA make sure of the passengers’ safety and security while enjoying the ride.

Sky Combat Ace discount coupons and deals are also available which allows you to take part in this adventure activity without causing much pain to your pocket. You can find all the Sky Combat Ace discount coupons and deals in the coupons section below. You can also book your SCA Las Vegas experience from here. We guarantee you the best rate on Sky Combat Ace ticket bookings and deals.

Sky Combat Ace (SCA) Coupons

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The adventure aviation experiences offered by Sky Combat Ace are categorized into four types –

  1. Aerobatics: There are 3 types of Aerobatics experience offered by SCA which are given below
    1. Operation Recon, which is priced at $299 includes transportation, a safety briefing, takeoff and a few basic aerobatic maneuvers such as the aileron roll, loop, barrel roll, and hammerhead. 
    2. Afterburner is priced at $399 and is like a roller coaster without the rails including non-stop spins, rolls, loops, tumbles and heart-thumping action
    3. Top Gun is priced at $599 and requires a strong heart and it includes flying the plane according to a complete aerobatic routine. It includes flying the plane yourself and performing the full range of aerobatics.
  2. Air Combat:  Air Combats of SCA are of 2 types in which the aerial fighting maneuvers are displayed. These are:
    1. Combat Wingman is a type of Air Combat at which you sit along with a professional and see the real aerial dogfight which is like a real aerial battle. It is priced at $799.
    2. Sky Combat is priced at $999 and you take active part in this aerial combat as you fly the plane after proper training by the professionals.
  3. Extreme Sightseeing: It includes 3 types of activities which are given below
    1. Las Vegas Tour includes the sightseeing of the beautiful Las Vegas valley and southwest desert through the bubble canopy of the Extra 330LC plane. It costs $499 per person.
    2. San Diego Tour includes the sightseeing of the coastal areas of California and San Diego priced at $499 per person.
    3. Spectator includes a sightseeing and spectator flight in one of SCA’s non aerobatic aircraft and is priced at $149 per person.
  4. Combination:  It is for the people who would like to experience all of the high adrenaline rush activities. It is of two types-
    1. Adrenaline Rush, which includes aerobatics, air-to-air combat and a dynamic low level bombing run at a nominal price of $ 1299
    2. Operation Red Flag is an ultimate fighter pilot experience and is not recommended for all. It is ideal for 3 or more people and includes challenging missions, Air Combat Maneuvering. The price for this package is $1999 per person.