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Andreas Stihl founded Stihl in 1926. It is a German manufacturer of chainsaws and other powered equipment which includes trimmers and blowers. This company is claimed as the world's best and only chainsaw manufacturer across the world. It is the only company who produces their chain saws and guide bars. They have built and designed their first chainsaw in 1926.  The company soon became big and also the leading professional chainsaws manufacturer. This company is a perfect designer and innovator in terms of powered equipment. They designed their products as per their customer's requirement. It has been the world's biggest chainsaw selling brand since 1971. As the company started 90 years ago, it has grown from one man to a global chainsaw and outdoor power equipment company. Their innovative ideas and craftsmanship resulted from broad and stability in the industry of powered equipment manufacturers. They are still expanding their range of products.


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About Stihl

Detailed Description

Type: Private Corporation

Industry: Forestry equipment and landscape maintenance

Founded By: Andreas Stihl, 1926

Headquarters: Wailblingen, Germany


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Stihl Products

After a brief historical background on Stihl, let us see what products are available in the market. Stihl products are the best combination of technology and innovation. They initially manufacture Chainsaws. Stihl chainsaw is the best and innovative chainsaw across the world. Apart from chainsaws, they make many other powered types of equipment including blowers, trimmers, and different kinds of cutters. Their products help peoples in harvesting. They provide quite ease and effortless products which people can use in the crop. Like all, we know that comfort and effortless products are not for all. Some of the people are not able to buy these products at their actual price.  But Stihl coupons discount deals can help these people to get one without paying a big hefty amount. You can get their exclusive and effortless products with a sale, discounts, deals, coupon codes, and promo codes from online or offline stores. Some of their products are listed below.

Let's talk about their products here with some of the images. 

Stihl Blower

Stihl is bounded with a high range of products. Stihl blower is one such product which is offered by the company. They have a huge variety of blower products including petrol handheld blower; electric hand held blower, cordless Li-ion handheld blower, petrol backpack blower, Stihl Leaf Blower along with different accessories for blowers. Each variety of blowers has different work. You can buy these different kinds of blowers at many online/offline stores.

Another product you can buy is the Stihl Pole Saw which is one of the best trimmers and gives you the power and accuracy to trim once in equal sizes. You may not be able to analyse or use their technology correctly, but you will feel it in your hands. This product includes equivalent weight, accuracy, and smooth cutting operation.  Stihl Pole Saw is very easy to operate, easy to carry, and easy to maintain. It is always a win for homeowners and professional if they are using Stihl Pole Saw.

Stihl Axe

Axe is one of the most reliable products of Stihl. This product has high Precision and Accuracy. This product made with Premium hardwood, proper weight balance, and wood cutting efficiency. You can buy this premium woodcutter i.e. Stihl Axe on Amazon.

Stihl Lawn Mower

Stihl also provides lawn care product i.e. Lawn Mower with advanced technology. This product is delivered by Stihl to make your yard beautiful. They are not like any other lawn mower. Lithium-Lon battery technology is used in making this Lawn Mower making it lightweight, smooth and easy to operate. The best thing of this Lawn Mower is its Zero exhaust emissions, which makes it environmentally friendly. You can buy this product at many online or offline stores.

Cleaning is one of the major aspects for homes, offices, shops, and even for everywhere. It is often difficult to clean each and every corner of your living or working place. But with Stihl power broom can assist you and help you to complete this mundane task easily. Made with the best technology, lightweight, easy to carry, easy to maintain, and most importantly easy to use. With the utilisation of this premium Stihl Power Broom, you can clean each and every place which you want to clean. You can buy this at many online/offline stores.

Stihl has made some special purpose saws for such preferred things including Professional Tree Service, Maintenance of Public Roads, Parks and tree surgery. These special purpose saws i.e. arborist saw provides absolute accuracy. The high chain speed system of arborist saw helps to clean out with precision. The highly effective and efficient anti-vibration system makes these saws very easy to use or handle.

Stihl Sales and Discount Coupons

The list of Stihl product is enormous and variant. Simultaneously Stihl discounts and sale lists are bigger than their product list. They provide their exclusive and effortless products on sale or huge discounts. We have listed some of the popular Stihl products on sale or discount including Stihl chainsaws sale, Stihl pole saw the sale, Stihl Equipment sale, and all Stihl products which can buy on sale.

Best chainsaw discount or sale price can found at Stuccu. In the Above image, you can see that Stuccu is giving up to 40% discount on Stihl products. They are giving up to 60% off, or discount on Stihl pole saw. You can buy this from here and save your pocket.

Apart from these two products, you can get much more products of Stihl on sale or discount which includes Stihl Equipment, chainsaws, etc.

Stihl Coupon Codes and Deals

Similar to other brands Stihl also provide different kinds of coupons, vouchers, promo codes, and deals on their premium products. Here we have listed some of the coupons, promo codes, and deals over Stihl products.

Some examples of such Stihl discount are:

1. 25% off on Stihl at Amazon

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You just need to select the coupon and click the button "Get the deal." It will redirect you to the main page. This might be the best deal to save your pocket.

Stihl discount coupons can also be found for individual product. The image below is one such example which is offering 25% off + free shipping on Stihl leaf blower. Terms and conditions will be applicable. To get this code you need to click the button "Revel Code," it will redirect you to that website from which you will get Stihl leaf blower.

Some exclusive Stihl coupons, deals, and discounts can be availed at the official site. In the image below you can see Stihl is offering some different kind of discounts or deals on chainsaw product.

Customer Reviews

We have listed some of Stihl’s Customer reviews from which you can analyse their quality and durability.

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