Drill Buying Guide : Top 5 Cordless Drills 2017

Power Drills are essential at every home to perform necessary works & DIY projects. The driller is a vital part of any toolbox with which many simple tasks can be accomplished. There is not much to be explained about a driller because almost everyone knows how to use it, what are the uses of it. In many places most of the works related to hardware’s will not be completed without a drilling machine. Our only task will be to buy the best drillers for working. So, today we will share some information about the top 5 drillers for 2017. We hope this review will be helpful for you to choose the best one according to your requirement. There are some best cordless drills available in the market today. While buying a drilling machine, you should look for few factors like

  • Price: First factor you should consider before buying drills is a price. Because there are less expensive drills that still do a powerful work.  Some time you do not invest on drills that cost less than 90$.
  • RPM: Rotation per Minute is the most important aspect of the drill because a drill is all to do with rotations. If your driller can drill with more than 400 rpm and costs with nominal price, then it can hold good for some time. The work also can be done efficiently with that minimum RPM. All the drill with more than 400 rpm will do a great job.
  • Battery Type: The more power the battery is, the more quickly it gets charged and the more the battery time would last while working.
  • Warranty & Service: If the company assures to give you a two-year warranty, then that’s a good deal where you can understand the quality and confidence the company has set for the product.

Today there are hundreds of drill machines in the market that perform best. We compiled a list of 5 cordless drills for 2017, based on the reviews and the factors as mentioned above.


This driller is very useful in doing an everyday job like simple drilling, screw driving, and other fixings jobs at your home as well as your garden. This drill is unique, very handy and compact; simply this is a versatile driller that helps you do the work better without any hard efforts. Let us have a look at the features of this drill model. Bosch is a company that is well known for their quality pieces of machinery and tools. You can buy this drill at Amazon. So this drill from Bosch would satisfy the requirements as well as ideal for the simple to medium works.


  • Battery power - 10.8 V
  • LED battery level indicator
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Weigh Including battery 0.9 Kg
  • Warranty – 2 Years
  •  Speed Setting - 0-700 rpm
  • Price - $126.99

There are many other drills from Bosch and other brands that are much powerful than this model drill. But still, we have rated this driller is the best one because this is lighter weighing one and simply does powerful work. It can drill wood up to 3 inches. This drill is more suitable for home based jobs, more than professional or an industry type work.


This is a powerful cordless drill that is a little heavy weighing 5 pounds and with a variable two-speed setting. This driller is suitable for harder applications. They are heavy and stills compact drills that are appropriate for cumbersome and medium duty. The design of the drill is ergonomic so that you have a comfortable grip to hold. Makita drills also have the super coating that protects the drill from water and dust which is a problem for the drills. The extraordinary feature of the drill is that you can drills holes to 3 inch into a wood and half an inch into metals. Makita LXFD03 is one of the best drills that have gained attention with its best working features, and so far people themselves have given many positive comments on this particular drill. So if you are waiting to invest on drills, this is the best for the price and worth working. Makita power tools are available at Amazon. Below, we have mentioned the specs of the drill;


  • Battery power - 18 V lithium ion
  • Torque – 750-inch pound
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Weigh Including battery 5 pounds
  • Speed setting - 0-400 rpm for low, and 0- 2000 rpm for high-speed settings
  • Warranty – 3 years
  • Price - $269.00


This is one of the best cordless drills regarding speed and battery life and two-speed settings. The company has not disclosed many details about the torque, but they have revealed and proved the functionality of the drill. The design of the drill is also extremely comfortable because the weight is evenly distributed below the hand region, so it gives a good grip and strong hold while working. The twenty-volt battery allows a great punch while drilling. Since the battery power is twenty volts, they would last for long and gets quickly recharged. De Walt firmly believes that this drill model can do great jobs at no time. This drill can drill wood up to2 inch holes in wood and half an inch in a metal which is a good factor. This drill is suitable for both industries as well as home based jobs. You can buy Dewalt products at Amazon.


  • Battery power - 20 V lithium ions
  • 15 Clutch settings
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Weigh Including battery 3.5 pounds
  • Speed Setting - Low 0-600,  0- 2000 rpm for high-speed settings
  • Price - $173.77


Hitachi DS18DSAL is a good drill, with high power and rpm. The drill features two-speed settings, and the highest speed would go up to 2000 rpm. The weight of the drill is medium with 3.5 pounds and is ideal for home and professional works. The battery is 18 V-lithium Ion, which is more than enough to do a powerful job in drilling. The torque is 450 pounds that are sufficient to give a great punch. Overall this is a good driller with good power, comfortable to hold, and also good battery life. You can opt for this driller if you feel the torque is great. Buy this cordless drill at Amazon at a lower rate.


  • Battery power - 18 V lithium ion
  • Torque – 450 pounds
  • 22 Clutch settings
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Weigh Including battery 3.5 pounds
  • Speed Setting - Low 0-600, 0- 2000 rpm for high-speed settings
  • Warranty – Lifetime
  • Price - $139.99


Porter Cable is PCCK600LB is reliable driller with some simple features and performs the right task. Firstly the battery is a 20 V lithium ion battery that is good enough for an influential work. They also provide a two-speed setting, with a maximum rpm of 1600. The drill does disclose details about the torque and power. The design is also good to work with because the weight is distributed evenly through the drill.  We could not also determine the weight and the drilling capacity of wood and metal. Overall you can buy this driller for the battery, rpm, & warranty. Buy Porter Cable at Amazon at a discounted rate.


  • Battery power - 20 V lithium ions
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Speed Setting - Low 0-400, 0- 1600 rpm for high-speed settings
  • Warranty – 3 year
  • Price - $124.99

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