Different Types of GreenWorks Trimmer

In spite of being a relatively new name in the lawn products market, GreenWorks has done remarkably well in the past few years. The power tools from GreenWorks are innovative, reliable and powerful. This brand is actually owned by a Chinese company named Changzhou Glove Tools Co. Apart from the superior quality of the products, the other aspect which makes GreenWorks a popular choice among homeowners is the price! You can get well-built power tools at some really cheap prices, which is a plus point definitely. Though Greenworks manufactures a variety of power tools in this article we will solely focus on trimmers.

Different Types of GreenWorks Trimmer

Trimmers can be classified into three categories according to the source of power- electric, battery, and gas powered. Electric and battery-powered ones are ideal for light to medium duty tasks while for heavy duty tasks you should go for the gas powered ones. Though all trimmers serve the original purpose of trimming your lawn some trimmers are specialized for some specified tasks, for e.g. Hedge Trimmer, Pole Hedge Trimmer. In this section, we will talk about some of the inexpensive yet best in quality trimmers from GreenWorks. So, read below to get a detailed overview of a range of GreenWorks trimmers.

GreenWorks 80V Hedge Trimmer: The GreenWorks Cordless hedge trimmer is powered by 80V 4Ah Li-ion batteries which have a run time up to 60 minutes. Like the chainsaws, the trimmer is also equipped with brushless motor technology which ensures larger lifetime, more torque and less noise. The 108-degree rotatable rear handle lets you trim at numerous angles. 61 cm blade has a cutting capacity of 33mm and 3400 strokes per minute. This powerful hedge trimmer is good to go for heavy duty trimming tasks typically. Moreover, it’s easy to start and does need any such maintenance. But the batteries and charger are not included with a model, and you will have to buy them separately.

GreenWorks Hedge Trimmer 40V: GreenWorks 40V Hedge Trimmer’s 61 cm dual action steel blade ensures optimal cutting performance and reduced vibration, and it has a cutting capacity of 20 mm. This hedge trimmer is compatible with 40V GMAX batteries. With this model, you will get a 40V 4Ah battery, 40V 2Ah battery, and a charger. The 180 degree rotating rear handle lets you easily trim at multiple angles. The wrap around auxiliary handle makes it more user-friendly.

GreenWorks Pole Hedge Trimmer: GrrenWorks 22242 is a Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer powered by 24V Lithium-ion batteries. The 20-inch dual action blade has a 5/8 inch cutting capacity which ensures a controlled and effortless trimming of bushes and hedges. Its three-position pivoting head adjusts the blade which lets you trim at multiple angles. Not only the pivoting head position, but it also has reverse pivot detent so that you can cut concave areas effortlessly.

GreenWorks 40V Trimmer: GreenWorks 40V 2101602 is a 12 in cordless string trimmer which is powered by a 40V battery. You can even use it as an edger too. With this string trimmer, you will get a 2Ah battery and charger. It is even easy to handle as it’s quite lightweight and the battery lasts almost an hour. So if you are in a hurry to clean up the yard, this will be perfect for you.

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